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Hiking San Diego
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Sunday 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Monday 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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New to San Diego, or just visiting and want to learn more about southern California's beautiful back country? I'd love to take some like minded people hiking, observing animals and exploring the many secluded and private places I've found in the 30 plus years I've lived here. My father used to take me hiking in a kid carrying backpack when I was too young to hike, the places I got to see and enjoy were so incredible it sparked a life long passion for the outdoors and everything I needed to learn in order to survive/live in the wilderness. I've done a lot of exploring wherever I went/lived and I've never stopped as much as possible. However as the story goes you get older and those boyhood dreams get overshadowed by responsibilities, so my wife, 3 year old daughter and I live at the north east end of Hollenbeck Canyon in Jamul, CA. We love hiking the many trails that start from our house and really enjoy all of the wildlife that we are surrounded by, my daughter will impress you with her climbing skills (if she goes) on the many awesome rock features we have on the property and in the 180 acre state preserve that surrounds us, if that's where you'd like to go.
Either way it's up to you where you want to go whether it's places I've found, a trail you've heard of or found in a book and you want to know more about the area, outdoor survival, plant identification, tracking, wildlife, finding artifacts, shooting photography or looking for semi-precious minerals at some of the many mines throughout San Diego! Or if you'd like me to figure out the adventure then I can handle that when I talk to you about it. I can take larger groups of people but there is a extra fee of $20.00 per person as large groups are difficult to teach hands-on experience and or being still and quiet in order for wildlife to come to you, not to mention the safety factor (I am first aid, CPR and AED certified). Thank you so much for your interest in the outdoors, I look forward to talking with and hopefully meeting you soon!

Type: Adventure
What is Included: Education, safety and experience!
What to Pack: Food and water for the day, toilet paper and a trash bag along with basic gear for hiking.
Age Requirements and Difficulty: Depends on trip planned, must be of learning age otherwise no charge for younger children that you must be able to carry and keep control of.
Starting Time: When you want.
Where do we meet up: Where you want.
Add-on Additional People, Rental Gear or Other Items
  • Over 6 people, add $20.00 per person. + USD $20.00
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Grew up in San Diego, I'm 37 years old, married with one totally awesome 3 year old girl who will impress you with her climbing skills! My father used to take me hiking in a backpack before I could even walk and later on took me on overnight hiking trips, I've also been through cub and boy scouts, horticulture and plant science in high school for two years so you could say I love the outdoors, nature, photography and teaching about all things wilderness. I can teach many wilderness and survival skills along with plant identification (edible/poisonous/useful), animal identification (tracking) and dealing with or avoiding dangerous and venomous animals. I love everything outdoors (except gnats, I hate gnats) and would absolutely love to share the places, skills and history I've learned about and have experienced in and around San Diego with like minded people. We live inside the Hollenbeck Canyon State Preserve (180 acre) off highway 94 and can take people on tours there or anywhere else in and around San Diego, just depends on what you want to experience and or learn. We can go looking for semi-precious minerals (tourmaline, aquamarine/beryl, garnet, etc...) at the many mineral deposits and abandoned mines where I've found things like a 5 carat red garnet or a $80 blue tourmaline crystal and of course endless quarts crystals! Looking for arrowheads, pottery and other artifacts, geodes in the desert or just a really cool hiking experience in the many secluded and private spots I've found throughout this region. Along with these things I can also teach self defense courses and tactics that can either help you in the wilderness or any environment, I have over 20 years of experience in MMA training and self defense. I look forward to talking with you and hopefully meeting you soon, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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