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Indoor Climbing Training
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Hello There!

This is to prepare for the great outdoors! I personally spent a year and a half climbing indoors before I went outside (the curse of the flattened homeland of Indiana!) While I wouldn't suggest taking THAT long, I certainly suggest honing your strength and technique indoors before heading out. I've been involved with indoor climbing since 2012. I have managed gyms, set thousands of routes, coached multiple youth teams, and with my guidance, I have seen countless new climbers achieve their goals and push their limits past what they considered possible. If you are driven and passionate about climbing, I have confidence in my ability to provide you the foundation to becoming a strong, skillful, and knowledgeable rock climber.

My offerings cover a wide range, so I will certainly prefer discussing your goals and current level of experience before determining a pricing structure (more experienced you are, the more stress I will put on my body/ fingers demonstrating movements or workouts).

This activity will require you to have a current gym membership ($36/month, or $300/year), where I currently coach a USA Climbing youth team, which is in Hawthorne. I was a previous setter here, so I can raid the setting room for holds to help cater to our workouts. This is where I will have the most freedom and tools available to us to help achieve our quest.

Whether you need the entire breakdown on all climbing movement, or you just cannot seem to breakthrough the V4 or 5.11 plateau, I am confident I can help coach you through any and all of it!

Thanks for enduring my pitch ;)
Climb strong, everyone!


Type: Adventure
What is Included: Climbing instruction and practice
What to Pack: water, athletic clothing, climbing shoes, harness, chalk, or rent from the gym, and don't forget your membership!
Age Requirements and Difficulty: 10+
Starting Time: When we get there and get ready
Where do we meet up: Climbing Gym in Hawthorne
Add-on Additional People, Rental Gear or Other Items
  • For 2 People + USD $30.00
4296 W Rosecrans Ave Hawthorne, CA United States 90250
About the Guide or Gear Owner

Passionate rock climber and recreational slackliner. I offer the following courses: Outdoor climbing guide, Indoor climbing training, Slackline training. I've been consistently involved with climbing gyms, in southern California and Indianapolis since 2012. I've managed gyms, set thousands of routes and coached multiple youth teams. I've helped countless new climbers achieve their goals and push their limits past what they considered possible. Whether you want to get stronger, achieve more balance, or just get outside and play, then I am the guide for you!

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