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Skills for fall and winter camping and survival
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This will be a half to a full day class depending on the needs and wants of people in the class. There will be plenty of material to go over and will also be plenty of time to answer questions or go over some in particular to someones needs. The basis of this class is teaching how to survive in the colder climates. It will cover how to find and set up shelter, how to back a bag for either a one day hiking trip to a week long trip. Survival will be covered by going over how to start a fire from scratch or different things that you can use if you are stranded somewhere, or your car breaks down or just out for a camping trip with friends and know how and what to pack. I also do hiking trips and camping trips for groups if anyone would be interested in some cold weather camping. I also give instruction and tips via email on step by step on how to prepare for just about anything. Some of the pictures I have attached is some of the overnight and long weekend trips I have done with people where I have supplied them the gear and took them out for some hiking and camping in the fall and winter time. I have done trips in many different states and have practiced and fine tuned survival skills for many different terrains and scenarios.

Type: Adventure
What is Included: There is nothing in particular that is given besides a worksheet that goes over everything for that class.
What to Pack: Pack anything you need to stay warm or what you would think you would need and I can help you decided what to pack. Bring anything that you need help or things your need to learn how to use better. Bring snacks or beverages if needed.
Age Requirements and Difficulty: ages 18 and over, it is not difficult just educational
Starting Time: 10am
Where do we meet up: We can meet anywhere that is best for the people that are signed up, it will be held in a park or campground in the surrounding area. Decision will be made once people inquire about the class.
I will travel for the class but may include extra charges, i will go into PA, West Virginia, OH Cuyahoga Falls, OH United States 44221
About the Guide or Gear Owner

My name is Vince and have been an outdoor enthusiast for the better part of my entire life. I started out camping with family when I was a kid and that was it from there! I camped my whole life and practiced and learned outdoor skills. As time went I wanted more and wanted to explore more of the world. So i started section hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2016. With work and life it was tough to take the 6 months off to do the trail in one trip. So as of now I have all of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and all of the smokey mountains. I will keep hiking until its finished! Then starting in 2019 I will start the PCT. On the side once a year I journey out to Colorado and chip away at the trails and the mountains out there. So far I have completed the twin sisters and Longs peak for my bigger hikes and have done over 12 different hiking trails in rocky mountain national park. So to take things in reverse, I still go out with a group of friends and go hiking through the Allegheny National Forrest and primitive camp. I have successfully equipped and taken groups of 3-5 people out on small to large camping trips. I camp all year around, in the coldest to hottest climates I have camped numerous times so I am confident in any and all gear that is need for any journey. My day job is managing a gym and personal training. With planning these journeys I can take it to the next level and prepare you for it with the right gear and workout program. I work all year around so if anyone or any group would like to plan any adventures feel free to message me. I do more adventure trips than listed, so feel free to just ask me!

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